Wedding Car Hire Northern Ireland and Belfast

Wedding driving in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland and Belfast wedding car hire. Wedding driving in Northern Ireland is becoming more and more popular. Coming out of the church or town hall on the big day to be collected by a vintage wedding car is something you deserve to treat yourself to on your big day. Imagine how much your guests will appreciate the sight of you being collected by a stylish chauffeur in a stylishly gleaming wedding car, complete with sparkling champagne and maybe even some strawberries and chocolates!

Cars for wedding driving in Northern Ireland

There are a number of exciting cars available for weddings around Belfast. Is an elegant Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow at the top of your wish list? Or how about booking a lovely 20th century vintage car? Perhaps your dream vehicle is an American limousine such as a classic Chevrolet Impala or a beautiful dark red Chevrolet Bel Air? Or if you want friends and family to you join on the ride, maybe you could consider hiring a nostalgic classic bus?

Northern Ireland and Belfast wedding car hire means beautiful pictures

You can experience some wonderfully scenic spots around Belfast. Take for example the magnificent Belfast Castle with unobstructed views of the city of Belfast and Belfast Lough. Such sights would provide a beautiful backdrop for memorable and stylish wedding pictures of you and your bridal car.

Get a quote straightaway

The selection process is very simple and you can get a quote in seconds. The booking process is also very straightforward. It's possible to hire wedding cars not only in Northern Ireland but all over the UK. At BookAclassic you'll find a wide range of great classic and vintage cars for wedding driving, alongside a whole host of useful information on wedding driving. Moreover, we're more than happy to lend you advice in choosing the ideal wedding car for your occasion. Booking your classic car will open up new adventures and set the scene for a wonderful and memorable day.

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