Jaguar E-Type Coupe
  • Barton Cambridge Cambridgeshire, UK
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Jaguar E-Type Coupe for hire in Barton Cambridge Cambridgeshire

Age minimum: 30 years old!

Information about the vehicle

Age minimum: 30 years old

The E Type Jaguar was unveiled at the 1961 geneva Motor Show becoming an instant must- have. The E-Type shocked the world and quickly catapulted to iconic status. Its aggressive, dart-like profile, bulging bonnet and tapering tail were like nothing else on the road.
Along with its looks the E Types stiff chassis and supple suspension gave it a smooth ride and great road-holding. This particular model has a
4.2 engine with automatic gearbox.
Its drool-inducing design helped sell more than 70,000 cars from 1961 to 1975. The fact that it went faster than a Ferrari for half the price didn’t
hurt, either. This competitive advantage, in addition to its stunning appearance explain its success for nearly 15 years.
The E-Type is finished in Silver with red Leather upholstery it will seat two adults in the front andtwo little people in the back and comes with an
original Jaguar picnic basket

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Vehicle collection address: Barton Cambridge Cambridgeshire
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Vehicle collection address: Barton Cambridge Cambridgeshire
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