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Nationwide limousine service & vip transport

Nationwide limousine transport and VIP transport, using famous limousine brands such as Bentley, Jaguar, Mercedes, Rolls Royce also American marques such as Buick, Cadillac and Lincoln.

BookAclassic is a nationwide limousine hire and VIP transport service with limousines and VIP transport all over Britain.

Let us take care of your guests or VIP’s by ensuring the finest service in limousines of any kind.

The British limousines

If you seek classic or vintage limousines hire for a great limousine hire experience, we’ve got all the great British brands to choose from, such as Bentley, Daimler, Jaguar and Rolls Royce all that stands for the stylish vehicle for your VIP guests.

American limousines

If you require something with room for everyone, and you’d like to be seen then the US always has the answer. Stretch limousines from Cadillac, and Lincoln Town cars are always a success. There is often room for 8 VIP persons here that can enjoy drinks and goodies from the bar and watch the news on the built-in TV.

German VIP limousine hire

We also offer you German VIP transport vehicles such as BMW and Mercedes. You will get comfort, security and a safe limousine drive with your VIP guests here.

Limousine busses

At BookAclassic you can rent limousine busses of any kind – We have specialized us in classic busses, such as London double-decker buses that can attract great attention and put a smile on your VIP guests, this is the preferred mode of transport by many people.

Business event & business party transport

If the business event requires a unique twist we can deliver unique cars, and transport for the business event. At BookAclassic you can amongst other things, rent jet planes, veteran steam locomotive or a London double-decker for your business party or business trip! So if you’ve got an idea, but no transport then contact BookAclassic and we will be sure to make your business party unique and unforgettable!


We have a large selection of busses, fire trucks and military vehicles for all kinds of teambuilding events up and down the country. Take a look at our selection of vehicles for your event, and find the vehicle at BookAclassic that makes your teambuilding unique.

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