Vintage Wedding Car Hire - 1920s Pre-war Classics

Pre-war and vintage car hire for weddings and parties. It’s becoming more and more common to hire vintage and classic cars for weddings, parties and other great events. And for good reason. Classic wedding cars create an unforgettable atmosphere at your event.

A vintage car with your own private chauffeur makes a moment last longer

Nothing could be more romantic than a traditional wedding car with driver to transport you on your big day. Pre-war and vintage car hire for weddings and parties and all other events are for everyone. They provide a standout ride that turns heads wherever it goes. The amazing decor, the retro materials, equipment and even sounds make everything cheerful and friendly. But most of all it’s just so exciting to sit in a nice old car from a bygone era. Choose a great Ford A from the 1920s or a dashing royal Rolls Royce limousine from the good old days. These cars are always a winner on summer wedding drives.

At the venue, a gleaming, proud vintage car with a stylish driver will be ready to receive you as you come out of the church or town hall. Then drive away waving, smiling and cheering guests around you.

On the way to your reception there’ll be plenty of opportunities to enjoy a glass of champagne or sparkling wine, or just the rich décor. What’s more, everyone likes seeing a classic wedding car drive past.

Classic and vintage cars create sublime moments and romantic pictures

The journey to the reception is the perfect time to take beautiful and romantic pictures, using your classic car as a memorable background. A vintage car is always popular with wedding photographers. They can capture moments of you inside and outside the wedding car.

Pre-war and vintage car hire for every taste and style

We specialise in rental and hire of vintage cars, limousines and buses for events in United Kingdom and the rest of Northern Europa. You’ll find a whole range of vintage cars and classic cars for rent on our homepage. Just remember to plan your schedule to accommodate a vintage car. They run between 40 and 60 km per hour. But this just leaves you more time to enjoy the ride and each other’s company. Also remember that a lot of vintage cars don’t drive during the winter.

The best way to do it

Choose a pre-war vintage rental car and set the finishing touch to your wedding. Booking is made directly on our website. BookAclassic has made it as easy as possible. We’ve collected a unique selection of vintage cars for hire and wedding cars in all price ranges. Choose your favourite, enter the required information and the price will be shown immediately.

Book right away or take your time to research your dream car before renting it. On our homepage you will find expert guidance based on years of experience with vintage car rental. We gladly help you so you get the most unique and stylish car you can imagine. But don’t wait too long, classic cars are very popular vehicles for weddings and other festivities.

And if you'd rather have a different kind of wedding cars, we also have a nice assortment of stunning Bentleys, Jaguars, Lincolns, Mercedess and Cadillacs.

So take a look at our range of Pre-war and vintage car hire for weddings and parties. There’s something for every style and taste.

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